Whether you are searching for answers, looking for a full wellness reboot or ready to thrive at your highest potential, this is the complete experience for you. We carefully design a tailored program that suits your individual needs and desires and guide and support you through the healing journey of exploration, consciousness and self discovery. We cover every angle to provide the healthiest style of life, giving you more energy, clarity and wellbeing.

Studio DROP IN €15

Streaming DROP IN €6


10x : €99

5x : €50




streaming €33

Dynamic Vinyasa

Powerful flows and high energy. Focusing on a mixture of strength and flexibility, these fast movement classes are for when you want to let it all go, sweat it out and wind down from a busy day. You don’t need to read the fine print for this class – assured to receive yoga highs, sweaty thighs and the readiness to come back for more.

Yin & Restorative

Let’s bring it down a notch. Slower more subtle movements are enjoyed throughout this class, boasting a mixture of hatha, yin and restorative practices along with meditative postures that encourage you to connect with your inner self. Perfect for those looking to focus on flexibility, moving deeper into their bodies and intent on creating that calm YOU that we all know is in there somewhere.


Let us put some Jiva in your Mukti! Jivamukti is a philosophical, intellectual, spiritual and physical practice combining a vigorous hatha yoga, vinyasa-based physical style all movement is connected with the breath. Singing of mantras, inspiring music, breathing practices and meditation are part of each class, thus completing the full practice of asana.


MAMMA YOGA. In this class, mamas-to-be gather in a circle to celebrate this special time of their lives, share with other women about possible challenges related to their pregnancy & practice safe yoga asanas guided by a certified prenatal yoga teacher. Yoga is especially beneficial for pregnant women because it is a gentle way of maintaining or gaining fitness while reducing anxiety. It aids in developing mind-body awareness of the many changes a woman is going through along her pregnancy. 


MAMMA + BABY YOGA These groups sessions include gentle breath work and body awareness techniques that can be initiated around six weeks after delivery and depending on the type of birth and how the mother feels. Safe & mindful yoga asanas are practiced that incorporate pelvic floor awareness for a sustainable recovery. These sessions are also available for cesarean births according to each woman´s birth experience.


Do you even meditate bro? A guided introduction to meditation for those interested in beginning the journey to self enlightenment, inner peace, or who would simply like to be a calmer person. We will practice different Mindfulness techniques that allow us to enter deep states of relaxation. Come along and disconnect with the outer world and connect with your higher self. Meditation is a practice for everyone.