The concept of Shanti Vida was born from my desire to convert life’s misfortunes into fortunes.This change in attitude and perception allowed me to generate a deep love for myself and those around me.It was not only a desire, but a need.In 2017, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. When confronted with this situation, I couldn’t help but think that my years of abuse and self-hatred played a major role in my illness. My desire was to find not only ways to cope, but to learn how I got here and how to continue. Ultimately, I was afraid to leave this world without having lived true to my purpose. I decided to change the way I live today, and there began my process.Now and for the rest of my journey I want to dedicate myself to sharing and generating positivity and love . It started with my empathy for all transformational times from motherhood to illness. I experienced the lack of information and lack of community.
My goal was to find the positivity during the frighting experience and change my situation. That is when I began to share– my story, my feelings – exposing myself to heal myself and to help heal others.

I want to continue my own healing and help others heal too by understanding the true meaning: that life is a journey and not a destination. The way I think we can start doing this is by stopping “self improvement” and start with “self exploring”.

I believe life is about having fun and celebrating love. I want to share, play and generate positivity community with Shanti Vida.