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OCTOBER AT SHANTI VIDA Welcome to October Shanti family! I hope we are all enjoying the grounding structure that Autumn is bringing. Let us invite this seasonal shift to turn up our yogic discipline and get on the mat for practice… and play of course!  It has been beautiful to see all of your faces return from the summer, and […]


SUMMER AT SHANTI With the summer solstice we officially welcome in a new season for change, growth and transformation. Whether this is in the shape of a retreat, a creative workshop or playful yoga, we are honoured to walk this journey with you. Throughout the month of July Shanti will be holding space for an array of activities you […]


HELLO MAY! As we welcome the month of May, we give space to new activities for us to continue our paths of self-exploration, empowerment and growth. As of May, our sacred Garden Studio will offer an array of new classes: from Jivamukti and Power Yoga, to Restorative & Meditation, as well as Creative Workshops, Therapies, and Unique Retreats. […]