Shanti Vida means Peaceful Life.
It is our wish. It is a sacred wish dedicated to all beings.
The process of our practice is a path through three levels of experiences which are linked together:
* Balance is our grounding, our starting point for true self-exploration. It is our foundation for Self Love. 
* Self Love enables us to have presence and forgiveness towards ourselves and the world outside of us. 
* Joy is the celebration and the result of a journey through Balance and Self Love.
In our sanctuary you will find a space for holistic therapies as well as therapeutic experiences. We offer teachings of yoga, words of coaching and creative methods of self exploration. We enjoy designing workshops combining that of art, music and yoga.
Our ultimate aim is to humbly share what we know, continue our learning, and practice with those who are willing to explore with us.


Power Yoga

Fabian, born in Argentina, is an international yoga teacher who has already taught in the UK, Italy, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Israel. Fabian used to live in London, where he discovered Yoga in order to deal with the hectic city. He hasn’t looked back since. With a background in Fashion and Fitness, Fabian brings a laid back, yet fun approach to Yoga with a strong emphasis on body alignment. 

He’ll take you to a place where you will be encouraged to play, explore yourself and find freedom through movement and sweat. He loves to both make his classes accessible for the newbies, and challenging for the seasoned practitioners. Fabian has a calm approach to teaching, working through postures to give the class a relaxed, strong and dynamic #flow.


Vinyasa &  Pre Natal Yoga

Alice believes deeply in the power of yoga to shine a light on our limitless possibilities so we can uncover our full potential, and is constantly in awe at the transformative nature of yoga. Through her personal practice she has developed a stronger connection not only to her true self but her environment and those around her.

Teaching from an intuitive and nurturing place, Alice always invites students to connect and tune in as they move. She enjoys teaching creative vinyasa style classes that encourage students to explore their own individuality. Alice is also a highly trained prenatal yoga teacher.


Jivamukti Yoga

Paula’s smile is her identity stamp and one of her outstanding tools to inspire others. She believes happiness is a decision we have to make everyday. This is how she faces each day with determination.

She has always been devoted to sports. Sport enabled her to be connected to her body and her surroundings. However, during the last years, both mental and spiritual levels stepped forward and became crucial. As a consequence, LOVE reached out as the essential component to find harmony.

Paula is specialized in Mindfulness and Jivamukti Yoga, both techniques perfectly combine with her Pilates and Fitness background


Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Alessa began yoga as a form of therapy to relieve herself from back pain caused by scoliosis in her spine. She soon discovered the greater benefits of the practice, beyond the physical ones.

She guides mindful, nature – inspired, playful, creative vinyasa flows that invite everyone to honor their unique needs. For Alessa, Yin yoga is an essential practice to achieve balance & reconnect to peace & stillness within.

Through Birthlight’s principles of motherhood yoga, she is able to support women on their journey before, towards and after their births with yoga & massage therapy. Alessa also teaches SUP yoga & pilates lessons during warmer months.


Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

It was after 2016 when Anna decided to break away from a corporate marketing world and travelled to many different countries with her yoga mat, did she realize she wanted to take her practice further and hasn’t looked back since. After having completed her 200hr Hatha YTT in Rishikesh, India in 2017 she has developed her own unique style which incorporates both elements of Hatha and Vinyasa. Yoga has helped Anna overcome many personal challenges and has allowed her deep self-exploration which has changed the way she perceives and moves through life. One of Anna’s favorite things in the world is the elated, fulfilled and calm feeling after a yoga practice. On the mat is where she feels like her best version of herself and she wants to spread that joy, passion and energy with her students and those around her.


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga / Yin Yoga

Sofia met Yoga at age 17 in Mexico. She completely fell in love with this practice, its benefits, and the connection that allows you to establish with your breath and the Universe.

Her first training was in Hatha Vinyasa (200hrs) in 2017, followed by a training in the Art of Sequencing (100hrs) in 2018 and a last one in Yin Yoga (60hrs) where the deep tissue is worked.

She incorporates elements of different styles of Yoga that she’s practiced during her life (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, etc.), creating a class where you enter the postures dynamically, breathing, and respecting the limits of the body

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