Working with Plants: Emerging Spring


14th March – 14:00 – 16:00


An introduction into Herbal Medicine:
This is the first part of a series of workshops to introduce participants into the plant path, a way of working with plants with the intent to reclaim our heritage and to reintegrate ourselves as indigenous beings on earth.
In many parts of the world the knowledge of plants and how to use them as medicine has been weaved into everyday culture. Ancestral knowledge is passed down in conversation from field to kitchen. Plant knowledge passed down in the form of story and experience. Many of us still hold tales of grandmothers remedies, however there are also many of us who have lost touch with this birth rite.
Let us reclaim this connection and this rite to re-empower ourselves in how we relate to our bodies and to the land, let us reclaim our autonomy over our health, our bodies and our medicine. We can do this by opening our perspective to all that nature has to offer.

Arm Balances Workshop


15th of March 
12.30pm – 14.30pm


Magic starts with technique
Let’s start from the basics!
Arm balances are more about technique than strength
Learn how to prepare your body before start playing with the postures, how to set up a solid foundation, how to play with your body and gravity and how to heal your body after playtime is over.
We will play with Crow pose and a couple of its variations
We will:
– Understand the mechanics of the body
– Build a solid foundation
– Incorporate geometry within the posture
– Use different toys and props
– Learn how to restore our body

Pink: Self Love


21st of March 
19.00 – 21.00


Let’s Spend 2hrs using color to nurture, love and embrace all of “you”
Embrace your shadow side and lean into your light in this two hour self-love workshop where you’ll learn how to:
* Cultivate self love
* Love yourself unconditionally
* Be empowered in the skin you’re in
* Draw confidence from an infinite source within you
* Nurture your relationship with yourself and your body
* Learn about self care that isn’t just bubble baths and candles

Sweet Surrender


22nd March

13:00 – 15:30


In this first part of the 4 part intensive yoga workshop, Lucy will introduce the value of forgiveness and letting go to inspire your path to inner transformation and show you how you can do this on the mat. Lucy will share her personal story of forgiveness and invite you to look at your own and identify the stories you are holding onto that are keeping you from moving forward and manifesting your dreams. Lucy will take you on a journey, using yoga asana, mantra, mudras, affirmations and prayer. Focusing on the power of intention and the specific energetic centres Muladhara and Swadhishthana, we will learn which part of our bodies are connected to these centres and how working deep into the hips and lower back we can release our emotional ‘holding on’. We will also identify how these energy centres relate to our relationships and experiences in life. We will let go of stagnant energy, pierce through our emotional stories and awaken your healing journey, your way back home.

New Moon Karmic Workshop

24th March

19:30 – 21:30


The Kabbalists, sages and transcendentals place great importance on connecting to the cosmic window that is available to us during the New & Full Moon period. The purpose of connecting to the New & Full Moon, the Kabbalists explain, is to enable our soul to rewire and go to a new level if we know the astrology, consciousness and tools to help connect to it.

About the New Moon of Aries
This New Moon of Aries begins the new cycle of the astrological yearallowing us an opportunity to reset our energy for our journey through the year at the seed level. It’s a time to free ourselves.
Join in the group together as life out from this energy to a higher level in order to connect to the light of the month to bring forward new possibilities, paths and uniqueness.

Love in Practice

Free Talk

3rd April

19:30 – 21:00


We believe relationships to be one of the most important things happening in our lives and yet we are barely taught anything about how to get them right. With Love in Practice, we, Mireia and Kristoffer, try to improve this by sharing our practices and learnings on how to develop fulfilling and happy relationships through personal growth and conscious connection.

In this free talk we introduce the Love in Practice concept that is based on 3 pillars;

– RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF – go within and get to know yourself and how you relate to relationships.
– CONNECTION AND INTIMACY – how to improve your communication skills and how to create sacred spaces for a deep connection and intimacy.
– DREAM – how you can work together as a couple to create the life you want.

Awaken Your Senses


4th April

18:00 – 20:30


When our senses are awakened every moment becomes an opportunity to feel the energetic aliveness of who we are. Join Alice for the third sensual deep dive experience, where you’ll be invited to explore touch, taste, smell, sight and sound via juicy, embodied practices that allow you to fully experience your most sensual self.

We will open our hearts and spirits with the sweet elixir of cacao and journey into an uplifting session enhanced by the most beautiful scents and soulful sounds.

This workshop will help you to connect to the innate wisdom of your body. You’ll explore moving with freedom, allowing judgements to drop away as you marvel at the magic that you can create from simply allowing yourself to flow freely.

Evolution Kundalini

220h Training

9th May

Do you want to become a KY teacher?
Do you want to harness a self disciplined practice?
Do you want to learn how to lead a conscious lifestyle?
Do you want to be part of a global growing Kundalini community?
Do you want to create a magical life using the tools of Kundalini Yoga and through healing yourself?
An internationally renowned team of teachers coming together to offer the teachings as taught by Yogi Bhajan. EVOLUTION is known for producing students of excellent calibre, inspired to teach and be the master of one’s own mind. Keeping the essence of the teaching but transmitting the sacredness in a modern day approach.
Working with dynamic approach and top calibre Kundalini trainers of various backgrounds, trauma therapists, mantra and voice specialist, asana professional, we are an alive young team of experienced teachers and trainers ready to accompany you in this beautiful new chapter.


200h Teacher Training

23rd May

NowHere Yoga & Shanti Vida present:
*Weekend intensives May-December 2020
Join experienced yoga collective NowHere Yoga for an 8-month, 200-hr yoga teacher training in the beautiful Shanti Vida studio in central Barcelona.
This course will revolutionize the depth, safety and effectiveness of your yoga practice, give you a firm grounding in everything from yoga history to biomechanics, and equip you with the tools to confidently teach a variety of yoga classes including vinyasa, hatha, restorative and private classes.
Fusing modern scientific exercise physiology and dynamic flow practices with the ancient wisdom of the yoga tradition, this comprehensive training will teach you:
– Effective, safe Yoga for modern bodies
– Anatomy & physiology of Hatha Yoga
– Teaching methodology & finding your voice as a teacher
– Business skills for Yoga teachers, cultivating social media presence & practical skills for running workshops & retreats
– Yogic nutrition & lifestyle
– Yoga philosophy & history, from ancient sources to modern interpretation

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